Katrin Müller kmkatrinmueller@aol.com BY-NC-ND

Open loop

Lost my way today
In a void
On the way to
The patent office

I practiced
To be talented
Listening to music
Doesn’t make it easier

The office guy in front
Gave me an idea of
What it was like
To manage ideas

A border normally
Makes me feel precise
But wait – share
Whatever you want

How do I become an inventor
Do I think of something new
Do I think of something familiar
In a new way

No problem he said
You just need more problems
To be solved
Then ideas will come

Where’s the sense of it
There’s no sense
If you don’t have a problem with it

Sounds a bit technical to me
It’s all about technique
You see – it’s like the right place
at the right time

In a long time experiment
You get an idea
By the way
Time is up now he said

One more question
Ok, one more question
How did you become
A patent officer

Oh, I just made it up
You made it up why
I invent situations
It works quite well