Tobias Sjödin, Pernilla Carlsson BY-NC-ND

The State of Things

Public space is today a highly commercialized place. It has become an arena for brand identity and a generic landscape has evolved. The Mall Culture is today an integral part of our lives and we all are participants in a global, visual mono-culture. Shopping malls all look the same everywhere and offer the identical products and brands. We have become the third place for the branding industry; we do not only consume brands, we are as individuals, ourselves are brands, bodies, thoughts, ideas and values.

The State of Things is a photographic project, documenting shopping malls and other commercial spaces with an ambiguous border between the public and private space. Since the start in 2003, we have collected a vast photographic material which both serves a document of time as well as a visual investigation in our craving for consumption.

The State of Things consists of thousands of digital images, taken in Berlin, Paris, Shanghai and Stockholm, where the volume of images along with the visual impression is intimately connected to the fundamental idea. The project is to this day not yet finished and we are of course interested in putting it on show. The images shown in this low-res sample video are taken in Shanghai 2006-2007. If you feel that this is of any interest to you, in any aspect, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for taking your valuable time,

Tobias Sjödin & Pernilla Carlsson, artists based in Stockholm, Sweden.

Tobias Sjödin
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